I’m An Amazon Top Reviewer

I’m an Amazon top reviewer today – number 9916 out of 10,000. Here’s how that happened.

I started writing reviews several years ago, when I started blogging and being active on social media. Since then, I’ve written well over 150 reviews with an 86% helpful rating (which means over 600 other shoppers found my reviews to be useful or helpful).

In 2008 Amazon invited me to be a Vine Voice, which means that every month I receive a list of items that I am sent for free in exchange for my unbiased review. The items range from french presses and microwave popcorn to printers and vacuum cleaners, with many books as well.

I don’t typically follow my Amazon profile. I check it every once in a blue moon to remind myself of what it looks like.

Yesterday I received two unsolicited emails from authors asking me to review their books. Odd, yes, but not out of the realm of possibility.

And then today I received two more review requests. One began, “Howdy, I see that you are one of the most respected reviewers on Amazon, and was hoping that you might take a look at my….” The other had, “Love Your Reviews” as the subject.

So I checked my profile, and sure enough, I made to the top 10,000 of millions of reviewers.

People sometimes ask me how I came to be a respected reviewer, and my answer is always the same.

I became a respected reviewer by honestly reviewing things. If you are unsure how to begin, just go to your account history, click on items you purchased, and review them. Then, find that you have or have used or read or listened to, and review those.

Write honestly and usefully. Think about what information helps you decide to buy a particular item and then give others that information. If you received the item for free, say that.

If you read books on Kindle, do the review immediately on your Kindle after you finish reading the book. If you wait, you will forget (I do, anyway).

Now go forth and review! The more honest and interesting reviews, the better.

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