This Is A Carbon Neutral Blog

Make Your Blog Carbon Neutral – Plant A Tree For Free!

Just about everything we do on this planet leaves a big old carbon footprint. Manufacturing, packaging, transportation, utilities, building, traveling….

Even blogging!

Yes, this blog alone contributes about eight pounds of carbon dioxide per year, based on the number of visits! Oh, and we thought getting rid of all the paper would make the planet cleaner.

Luckily, one tree absorbs approximately eleven pounds of carbon dioxide.

That’s right! One tree planted cleans up after one blog.

Green Gestures is a program that plants one tree for every blog that posts about this green blogging initiative.

This is now a carbon neutral bog!

Want to join me? Write a post about this, add a link to, and email the post url to Green Gestures.

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5 thoughts on “This Is A Carbon Neutral Blog

  1. Great idea. But, I’m taking the easy way out and planting some trees in my own backyard 😛
    That way I’ll have the fruit to eat too in a few years time 😉

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