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Pilates Solutions for Lower Back Pain
This easy to follow audio contains a SIMPLE 30 MINUTE PILATES CLASS with exercises chosen to specifically ease your lower back pain and strengthen your core. All you have to do is listen and follow the exercises.
Lynda Lippin
There's a reason why former Financial Times travel writer Rahul Jacob says that Lynda Lippin is the best Pilates teacher he has ever worked with--anywhere in the world. So much more than a Master Trainer, Lynda uses Pilates exercise as a vehicle for health, healing and wellness. Lynda's teaching style, honed over the past 27 years, is described as "nurturing yet demanding." Her clients, from journalist Natalie Livingstone to designer and philanthropist Donna Karan, feel and look better, with better posture and less pain.

Lynda is currently a Master Pilates Specialist at Real Pilates in Tribeca and also maintains a small, exclusive, private client practice. She worked overseas for both a private studio in Turks and Caicos and for several years at Parrot Cay (an exclusive, A-List, private island resort and spa.

Lynda is the recipient of numerous awards in her field, including 2003 Best of Philly® Pilates Studio and the 2011 SpaFinder Magazine Reader's Choice Award for Best Pilates in the World.

Proper form and breathing for all included Pilates exercises . Good form is crucial to stopping back pain. Bad form can make your pain worse!

Simple, yet highly effective abdominal, back, and butt exercises to keep your core strong and your body toned.

How to breathe more deeply and use breathing to assist abdominal strengthening. Did you know breathing is a primary abdominal exercise?

A back-pain-specific Pilates mat workout that you can do anywhere.
80% of Americans suffer with chronic lower back pain
...and the majority of them have been instructed to do some exercises, including Pilates, to help strengthen their core and help alleviate some of the pain.

The problem is not knowing what Pilates exercises to do and how to do them properly.

Until now you had to either pay a lot of money for a private Pilates session or a small group class to get a good, spine-safe workout.

Lynda created this audio for one of her private clients who suffered from lower back pain and traveled a lot. He didn’t want to have to rely on a video or Skype. This Pilates audio helped him. Let it help you.

Lynda Lippin has helped thousands of people enjoy a better quality of life with less lower back pain. Now you can join this elite group for only $7.77!
Stott Pilates Instructor Training at Toronto Corporate Training Center
" The bottom line is that this is the kind of detailed work that those of us who struggle with back pain have to do. The exercises Lippin includes in these audios are foundational moves that will, over time, allow over-used muscles to find their place, strengthen support muscles, and expand one's range of motion. "
Health Coach and Pilates expert
“ Lynda's voice is beautiful and her instructions are clear and easy to follow. Since I cannot do Pilates classes with Lynda in person the MP3 is the next best thing. My back feels great and my waist is getting smaller! I love this Pilates recording so much I bought copies to give as Christmas gifts to all my friends and family who suffer with back pain. "
“ I recommend this audio program to anyone looking to rid themselves from back pain and who does not wish to leave the comfort of their own home to do so. Lynda's voice is soothing and her instructions are crystal clear and so easy to follow!

Change your life like I am doing~ I have been following Lynda on my iPod for about a week now and am blown away by the difference it is making!

Simply put – Do NOT spend a dime on any books or videos to ease your back pain until you listen to Lynda's audio program! ”
Uechi-ryu Karate Master
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